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Preservation Solutions

Are you a steward of a historic site?  Do you need help preserving, restoring or enhancing your site and knowing what to do next?

  • We can help you assess your site’s potential and develop strategies to turn your vision into a reality. Our expertise in planning and implementation enables us to work with the board and staff to set a new direction. 


Are you visitor ready?

  • Heritage tourism is a significant sector of New Jersey’s tourism industry. Our staff has spent over a decade working with historic sites to become visitor ready and create visitor experiences that engage new audiences and increase visitation.


Need funding?

  • Let us assist with finding sources and helping to prepare grant applications to support capital development and planning for the future.


Interested in community preservation?

  • We can help you with create a local historic preservation commission, craft an ordinance and help to preserve the character of your community. Whether you want to create new or reenergize an existing commission, we can provide expert advice and training.


Need help understanding the regulatory hurdles?

  • Our primary expertise lies with interacting with government programs, funding and regulations. Let us help you navigate the complicated processes of state and federal government to access funding and comply with regulatory expectations.



Preservation Solutions is a full-service strategy and consulting firm with expertise in every facet of historic preservation and historic site management.

Preservation Solutions

    Moorestown, New Jersey

Dorothy P. Guzzo


Our Services


Who we serve:

  • Small groups looking to preserve or enhance a historic resource

  • Community or government entity engaged in planning or fundraising

  • Private institution, considering investments in preservation and programs

  • Professionals needing guidance on preserving historic resources


Our Expertise:

  • Non-profit management

  • Historic Preservation capital & planning grants

  • Heritage Tourism & Visitor Readiness

  • Preservation regulation

  • Local planning & protection


What we offer:

  • Visioning

  • Strategy

  • Organizational Development

  • Teambuilding

  • Resource Planning

  • Project Management

  • Government Relations

  • Fundraising

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